Are Exclusive Beta's & Demo's The Way Of The Future?(ObnoxiousGamer)

Although exclusive game beta’s and demo’s are nothing new to gaming, having been previous included on discs for magazines such as GamePro and EGM, having games with exclusive beta windows requiring purchasing a game or gaining access to a code is a slightly newer feature. The ability for publishers to include a demo in their game can be a major boost to a newer IP. But will this be how all beta’s will be done?

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goodfellajay2809d ago

can i post this on y site

mygd2809d ago

It certainly is a good business model... don't know if it's good for us though.

GodofwarGoty2809d ago

i wouldnt be surprised if it happened

Baka-akaB2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

All i know is i dont buy any fps without a demo . There are genres i dont feel a dire need for it (rpgs , fighting games) ... but each fps release on every platform get so much unwarranted hype , and each gets released so broken and in need of early patching , that a demo is in order to check its worth .

SKUD2809d ago

You can throw away the beta. I'll always look for the demo.

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