Steel Rain DLC Coming April 6 in EU, April 12 in US

Over the weeks we have had speculation and rumors about when Steel Rain, the DLC map pack for Killzone 3 would be released. Now we have official word on the release dates and pricing.

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jidery2784d ago

This alone justifies my PS+ subscrption.

morganfell2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Exactly. And this isn't the first time. I joined PS+ as soon as it launched and it paid for itself the first day.

FACTUAL evidence2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Dam....I didn't get ps+ the first day because cloud wasn't there. When 3.60 launched I bought PS+ the next day. Since i'VE BEEN PLUS NOTHING BUT GOOD HAS HAPPENED TO ME. (Sorry for the caps) Well as i see it, another 5$ saved!

"Sweet, can't wait! :)

No need to be a PS+ member, £4.99 is easily affordable."

Ok, I'm not trying to sell PS+ to you, but man you're missing out...this is stuff that i got..

Castle crashers 7.50$ (original price 15$)
Dead Nation 7.50$ (original price 15$)
MK2 2.00$ (original price 5$)

Oh, and i bought all that in ONE the math..look how much I saved in one shopping trip, just for being PS+..

hakis862784d ago

I love my PSN+! (<--slogan? =P )


* April 6 – Europe - €4,99 (Free for a month for PS+ Members)
* April 12 – US – $4.99 (No official word yet if PS+ benefit also applies to this region)

PROJECTbadass2784d ago

im a plus member, and i think they should be free for every one. gg screwed the pooch with the first dlc. anyone who actually buys this is a moron. they still havent fixed the dlc map loop yet, so what makes anyone think they wont mess up again?

this is a prime example of a game dev releasing a game that is unfinished and ripping off customers with dlc. if this was CoD the comments on here would all be negative, but this is a ps3 exclusive, so it gets a free pass.

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theonlylolking2784d ago

I do not like how for Killzone they only release 2 maps per a map pack instead of like 4 or 5.

The DLC maps are always very well made just not enough is in the pack so few people get it right away.

blodulv2784d ago

DLC maps are never in the rotation with the maps that come on the discs either and this a big turn off for me. One of the reasons I can't justify buying these.

The fact that it's free is a good bonus though and was a nice thing for GG to.

BeaArthur2784d ago

What's worse is that only 1 map is for warzone and there are no operations maps. So if you don't play Guerilla Warfare you're not getting your moneys worth.

GodofwarGoty2784d ago

Marked that down Everyone Killzone 3 DLC is out April 12 and tomorrow in europen damn i guess i will have to wait but its cool that PS plus get it for free cant wait

El-Fenemeno12132784d ago

WHAT!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEA!!!!!

SonyNGP2784d ago

It's good to be a PS+ user.
Suck it haters!

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The story is too old to be commented.