Activision Guitar Hero Studio Developing AAA FPS

NowGamer: Activision studio and until recently Guitar Hero developer Neversoft is hiring for a AAA first-person shooter...

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jidery2783d ago

Great, another one.

"AAA" doesn't mean anything any more.

thekiddfran2783d ago

haha hilarious!!FPS the most oversaturated genre this generation!

mastiffchild2783d ago

I wouldn't WANT to be an Activision studio making a FPS AT ALL right now-outside of COD, naturally. What did they do to support, and IMO it was a very good game, Singularity? NOTHING.

Hence I fail to see why we get another "AAA" shooter IP from an Acti owned studio-if it isn't COD it won't get marketed and we'll just see another Bizarre situation if Neversoft aren't lucky. Bizarre had their Bond game thrust upon them when their blood was all in racers and where are they now?

Don't like it and fail to see the point. Unless Acti think we'll swallow COD every six months I guess, otherwise the future for N'soft might be COD mappacks, or the Bizarre route.

jimmins2782d ago

Bizarre's a good analogy. Now neversoft's making something completely different it will struggle to compete with studios that have been doing that stuff for years

skyward2783d ago

Please don't be Call of Duty related.... actually, I don't care anymore

fastrez2782d ago

Another GUN title perhaps?

TimmyShire2782d ago

NeverSoft haven't done anything decent since Tony Hawks started going downhill.