Anonymous - Just Who are They?

Anonymous. I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about the group lately in regards to the attacks against Sony. In case you haven't been following the story, here's the main points: Sony sued hacker "geohot" for exposing how to jailbreak the PS3. They also began going after those whose IP addresses were linked to geohot. This caught the attention of the group, and as a result they started threatening Sony/attacking the company with DDoS attacks and shutting down their websites. Recently a splinter group took things more seriously and began looking up details of individual employees, the judge in the case, lawyers and anyone involved in denying "the free flow of information".
Learn about the group after the break...

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Chupa-Chupa2809d ago

Anonymous is your father, mother, brother, friends,boyfriend, girlfriend and most

movements2809d ago

Stop giving these clowns airplay.

gaffyh2809d ago

Lol it's quite ironic that the site posed this question.

Anonymous is anonymous.

NewMonday2809d ago

They lost many fans with this, no more Robin Hood, just plane "hoods".

And when they say "free flow of information". They mean "free of charge"

MmaFan-Qc2809d ago

...and we all know how it will help the george hotz and alexander egorenkov cause in front of the judges.....all i have to say to anon, KEEP harrasing sony employees and keeo harrassing the judges and lawyers who are on the cases, it will simply make the hackers and their fans look like a bunch of butthurts, crybabys and obviously make the hackers fans look keep your good work sirs!

Elyxir-pSx2809d ago

"They lost many fans with this"

According to what.....N4G.

I can list 1000 sites which it seems that they've gained more Fans.

NewMonday2809d ago

Most comments on every site I read this story on oppose them, but then I didn’t visit any hacking sites, the story maybe different there.

HappyGaming2809d ago

I don't give a shit who they are to be honest...

they are losers that is all i know.

evrfighter2809d ago

the robin hood of our times.

well played anon keep up the good work.

lociefer2809d ago

i would to see them in handcuffs soon

RememberThe3572809d ago

"the robin hood of our times.

well played anon keep up the good work."

You finally show your true colors... I always tried to think of you as a PC fanboy but I never tried to buy into the PS3 hate that would come off. I would try to take it as you just trying to get your point across.

BUt with this little statement, it has because clear your no different than any other troll.

You think it's cool for the PSN to be down? A service that Sony provides to all it's consumers for free? How oppressive, right? Your not a gamer, yours a punk ass fanboy like all the rest.

So f*ck Anonymous and their bloated sense of self-righteousness. You stop being a hero when you attack the people.

starcrafter2809d ago

Dear god the f*cking media is stupid. /b/tards are /b/tards and they are anonymous. No-one is going to stop visiting 4chan because of this, and anonymous is not represented by anyone. It's just an amalgamation of faggots occasionally doing horrible or kind things - always just for the pure lulz. There is only structure when something like this happens and even then it is a loose one.

badz1492809d ago

Robin Hood? more like terrorist to me!

Robin Hood work for the people/majority but Anon harm people and work for the minority (GeoDouche)!

a.k.a. low life scumbags! seems like you're a fan and interested. not really surprised as you have always been the biggest Sony hater here!

TotalPS3Fanboy2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Guy 2: "Basement dwellers."

Guy 1: "Oh."

kancerkid2809d ago

N4G did not have much to say about this group until they attack the beloved Sony, did they?

Who cares if they brought down for a couple of hours? They got their point across, and you can play your games. Big deal.

Ice2ms2809d ago

Anon are laughing at the internet sh*tstorm caused by them as always, thats what they do. They do what they do for one of two things;

a) Great Justice (ie Bringing down the Westboro Baptist Church sites)
b) t3h lulz (ie This...)

there is no other motive and all of you are infact feeding the trolls, still rage though I personally find it hilarious.

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xAlmostPro2809d ago

Anonymous are.. a bunch of virgins who lack basic common sense and attack websites with easy hacks and scripts that can be found on google but think they're way cooler than they are xD

whydoyouask2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Well okay how about you say that on an Anon website? xD

2809d ago
xAlmostPro2809d ago

Link me too one and i happily will :)

Oh nooo don't send carbpard boxes to my house or prank call my phone :O

Silly gameAr2809d ago


Link please?

Dee_912809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

just who are they ?
the most successful trollz on the internet
the kids who got picked on in school
takes it out on 11 year old girls on the internet

Kurt Russell2809d ago

They're not all kids, I think the ratio of kid/adult is far greater on this website than in anonymous... especially after reading all these mindless consumerist generation comments.

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LittleBigHalo2809d ago

Read this article. It exposes these idiots for what they really are.

starcrafter2809d ago

Dear god that article was so pointless. Literally all anonymous do is troll people. It's only ever for the lulz. Sending a girl's naked pictures to her friends/family happens a LOT and when it's described as "warfare" I cannot help but facepalm. It's simple schoolyard antics, nothing more sinister than that, although the repercussions may be.

Calling anonymous something based on what one anon has said is stupid as there are thousands more who may not believe in that... In fact there are a great many white knights who go against all their raids and 'warfare'.

GodofwarGoty2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

@Chupa-Chupa lol no thanks i will stick with the killzone 2 opeing cinementic MY PEOPLE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF HELLGHANST ( lol you get the point

chriski3332809d ago

Dude shut up these retards should get caught put in jail stop messing wit sony and let us play our games get a life

dtalon32809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

the same "retards" harassed bank of America for shady practices. I am no hacker nor do I condone PIRATING but I believe in freedom of information.

from what I have read on here over half the fucking idiots on this site either don't know what goes on in the world or your world revolves around sony/microsoft/nintendo...eith er way, some of these guys are the ones getting you information when the "news" is only worried about what kind of twinkie has more transfats or which new phrase charlie sheen coined.

the actions of a few don't define all. Maybe sony should get over it and start banning consoles rather than screwing people over by removing functionality from their systems.

damnyouretall2809d ago

i think its funny to be honest. people dedicating their lives to being dickheads. thats a fkn joke and this amuses me

MagicAccent2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Anon, what happened too you? You used to be cool :(

Now you support assholes who wants to ruin it for everyone just cause they're leeching freeloading bastards.

You used to be cool..

tigertron2809d ago

This "Anon" was never cool in the first place.

Timesplitter142809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

oh my god this is so ridiculous.

I've been on 4chan since 2004 so let me tell you what anonymous is. Anonymous is a bunch of mouth-breathing basement-dwellers who are usually 14 years old and even younger mentally. Most of their hacker reputation is completely made-up because they think they're hot shit. Anonymous is responsible for most of the stupid crappy memes you see on the internet, which are now going mainstream thanks to some retards with their blogs and whatnot. All anonymous really does is talk about anime and games all day long, and once in a while, they do a DDOS and call themselve super hackers.

Seriously Anonymous is probably the worst community on the internet, except those from r9k, which doesnt exist anymore.

BubloZX2808d ago

Anonymous isn't me. I don't hide behind my computer to get a point across. These guys are more like a bunch of bin ladens

sourav932808d ago

This is a website for gamers. We shouldn't give these guys publicity. We should ignore their attempts at being "heroes" and just enjoy what we all love - gaming.

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DelbertGrady2809d ago ShowReplies(3)
a_bro2809d ago

They are hackers on steroids. They blow up your vans....

ChristianGamer2809d ago

They are the guys that are making Microsoft glad they invested in those T-shirts instead of lawyers

UP2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

That was for a phone. A phone does not equal a console.

NewMonday2809d ago

A bit old but:
"MS filed a federal lawsuit against hacker Viodentia for illegally obtained propriety source code to produce the program called FairUse4WM, sparking fears it could enable consumers to illegally copy digital content"

no T-shirt for him

UP2809d ago

Oh so Phones are consoles now. I never knew.

annus2809d ago


Out of curiosity, what do you classify as a console? Does it have to be a certain size?

Maybe the PS3 shouldn't be counted as a console because it can do other stuff than just game?

Gameboys are classified as 'hand held' consoles, so why not smartphones? Because they can do more than just play games?

Kitchen_Sink2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

The whole Guy Fawkes "Anonymous" thing is a load of shit. What professional hacking group that claim to be fighting against the corporations mimics one of the biggest grossing films of all time, V for Vendetta. I am sure these dweebs had no idea who Guy Fawkes was until after they saw that movie.



Yes, he is. These morons are just as little teenagers that think they are cool by mimicking pop culture. Just do a search on youtube you will see a bunch of 13 year old internet tough guys with Guy Fawkes masks.

Senden2809d ago

Isn't Guy Fawkes more of a UK thing though? Surely you can't expect Americans (assuming they are American) to know the Guy Fawkes story.

NewMonday2809d ago

Any self respecting comic book fan would know the story, even before the movie, and the comic is even better. Alan Moor is one of the best story tellers in comic's history.

Eamon2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Alan Moore made V for Vendetta. Not a film production studio.
But I can bet Kitchen_Sink didn't know who Guy Fawkes was before watching the film.

I live in UK so I pretty much knew about Guy Fawkes since I was around 9 years old.

vickers5002809d ago

So you're saying that people are morons because they learned something from a movie before they learned about it elsewhere?


Like wise you probably never realised the americans had operations in somalia before you seen Blackhawk Down.