Sony Investigating Possible Cyber Attack

Sony said today it is investigating what caused PlayStation Network and its web domains to suffer from outages yesterday.

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movements2783d ago

Sony to "Anonymous": We don't negotiate with cyber terrorists...

Istanbull2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

We are with Sony! If they dont like PS3 then get the fuck away to the competition or make your own console.

Bunch of low life teens living in their Mom's basement with no friends

smoothdude2783d ago

It looks like Sony ruffled some feathers for these hackers. It is nice to know that they are being pursued. I will donate all my money to Sony to help deliver the message that 99% of gamers think that hackers belong behind bars.

If this only serves to bring a negative connotation to "homebrew" or "hacking" I will be happy.

gypsygib2782d ago

I wouldn't donate a dime to Sony, PS3's a great console but common, I'm not about to just giving money away to a corporation.

Cyber terrorists do suck.

WhittO2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

ffs this is really p*ssing me off, I hope they get caught and owned soo bad lol they deserve it.

They are just out for attention.

afterMoth2783d ago

Good, whoever it was should be prosecuted to the maximum allowable penalty.

Elyxir-pSx2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Sony fans Then - "Sony = BEST,hackers Scared"

Sony fans Now - "This has gone too far blah blah blah"

Get over it.

FACTUAL evidence2783d ago

What these cyber tards aren't realizing is that they're going to get geo in deeper shit than what he's already in, and Sony isn't going to negotiate with them...These guys are fail all around.

NaiNaiNai2783d ago

what makes you think they have any real plans to negotiate.

Sony may track them, but what will happen, nothing really, they could say there computer caught a virus and it simply started sending the attacks from there computer on its own.

MonkeyBoy922783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Considering they published they were going to do this all over the internet I doubt that excuse will work.

Senden2783d ago

You sure about that? Depending how good they are tbh and how well they've covered their tracks but imagine if they were big enough and good enough to take down PSN whenever they want within a certain timeframe? If they kept doing it eventually sony would have to give in to pressure and drop the geohot drama to save a backlash from their own fans.

Ofcourse it's extremely unlikely it'll get to that stage but it certainly isn't an impossibility.

Istanbull2783d ago

LOL! If something like that would happen, the customers wouldnt be mad at Sony, they would be mad at Anonymous, because by taking down PSN anony mouses are targeting the customers. They will get backlash from the PS3 users. This will make the case against geocunt in the courtyard very easy now for Sony, since the faggots also targeted some judges

Senden2783d ago

They'd be mad at Anonymous the first 3 or so times but if it became a regular occurrence it won't take long for the blame to be shifted to sony for not dropping their case.

hay2782d ago

@Senden: I'd be mad at Sony FOR dropping the case. Those kids handicap people's experience with the services.

But I guess YOU would be mad at someone who was a victim of some gang several times during a week, not at the gang itself.

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ChristianGamer2783d ago

Possible? It happened and we all witnessed it

UP2783d ago

I thought you were going to say it was sony that purposely took down their own website and service to use it in court.

Shadow Flare2783d ago

I didn't witness it. I guess i blinked too long

lodossrage2783d ago

you don't even have a ps3. what are YOU witnessing? lol

hay2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Probably his soft trying to DDoS Sony servers.

jidery2783d ago

Sony, take those terrorists down!

Neko_Mega2783d ago

Little boys that think they can do whatever.

Can someone put them down already? They are as bad as a dog barking non stop for no reason.

Plus already sick of hearing another site saying the same thing as another.

zoks3102783d ago

Sony seems to doing EVERYTHING this gen. I hope they catch these anon punks.

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