They Are Not Anonymous - They Are Not Legion

NextGN writes: "It is my honest opinion that these people claiming to be Anonymous are nothing more than young and angry pirates who are also very bored. Considering Anonymous’s reputation, I really don’t see why a group that usually deals with such high profile and just matters would take interest in something like this. Anonymous are normally out there fighting the good fight, not spamming servers and trolling peoples' families. The logic that they base their attacks on is flawed. Their conduct is childish and unprofessional. They may decide to attack our site after this article goes live, but that will just further prove my point; this is freedom of speech.

They are not Anonymous."

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TrevorPhillips2815d ago

They are low lifes with nothing else to do. Get a life hackers!

JudgeDredd2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

they are fat bastards hiding in their parents basement.

kyl2772815d ago

That's original, if you are going to bash someone at least be funny not use a basement joke derp.

Kitchen_Sink2815d ago

No. I think they are little brats from 4chan who think they are l33t. This article hits the nail smack in the center. These antics are very common among those "cyber bullies" you see at 4chan. This is NOT Anon. I am almost sure of it.

Why didn't this front page?

kyl2772815d ago

Anon is from 4chan, they are one and the same. Unless you use a name when posting on 4chan you are technically part of anonymous, it's just some users there go too far and people think the whole thing is one big hacking group.

And not all the people from 4chan think they are 1337, just 12 year olds and idiots.

LittleBigHalo2815d ago

This article should be front paged... I couldn't agree more. I honestly don't think the core members of Anonymous are behind these attacks at all, basically just internet nerds who want to feel important who are pretending to be a part of this group.

Anonymous have done great things... I really don't think they would get involved in something like this....why so late...and with no warning? Anonymous have ALWAYS issues out warnings before their attacks.

KillerCucumber2815d ago

Agreed! I am glad someone had the balls to write this article. I hope they don't get attacked for this article though.

SodoBot2815d ago

It's about time! Journalists have really been beating around the bush on this one even though they know that this freakin' hack effect them. Before you know it sites like this, PlayStation Lifestyle, Dtoid, will become useless because everyone will be downloading leaked games and playing them before these sites even get to do a thorough review... every body loses.

I love free crap, but people have to have some common sense here. It costs money to make these games, and if you don't give them money there wont be any more games to play.

Great article. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

godmoney2815d ago

It's kind of a scary world to live in...

kenpachi2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

They are Nerds with too much time on their hands

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