Green Lantern 3DS and Console Screens with new details

Warnerbrothers have just released the latest screen-shots for the Green Lantern 3DS and Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 versions. We also received a nice big fact sheet with some new details.

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Warprincess1162809d ago

Why is he white. Isn't the green latern black.

Raendom2809d ago

I believe, not a huge comic book nerd, that there is a black version on Cartoon Network, the show that maybe populized it to movie-status, but there have been numerous iterations of Green Lantern and he has been white.

Quagmire2808d ago

Dunno whats up with the disagrees, but youre def right. Hal Jordan was the first human to join. After that, a few others, and then the black one, also showed in the cartoons.

BlackTar1872809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

yea and no. There is a black green lantern john Stewart but he is not the original or the only one. there is also the original is Alan scott.

Most pop. is Hal Jordan who im pretty sure the movie is about.

Kingdom Come2809d ago

The "original" Green Lantern was Hal Jordan.

You're refering to John Stewart.

BlackTar1872808d ago

nope Alan Scott was

" "Hal" Jordan is a DC Comics superhero known as Green Lantern and a founding member of the Justice League of America. Jordan is the second DC Comics character to adopt the Green Lantern moniker and arguably the most popular one"

Stealth20k2809d ago

movie adaptation= worse than shit

zackacloud2809d ago

So you didn't notice anime adaption

Kingdom Come2809d ago

If you are claiming the movie will be crap. It's being Directed by Martin Campbell, and if you follow film you'll know he was the man behind the fantastic Casino Royale (Sure he's Directed some bad films but this film shows his potential). If you're claiming the game as a movie video game will be crap, I direct you towards Spiderman 2, a fantastic Movie Video Game.

Rocket Sauce2808d ago

Then there's Goldeneye, which was based off a movie directed by Martin Campbell...hmmmmm...

Kingdom Come2809d ago

This could have potential. There are a number of Movie Videogames that have fallen short due to budget, but show some intriguing gameplay mechanics...