Amazon Leaks Tales of the Abyss 3DS

While those looking to import Tales of the Abyss 3DS might be slightly disappointed today, if Amazon's listing is correct, North American fans might be in luck, as it seems the online retailer might have inadvertently outed a North America release of the game.

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mephman2480d ago

Good to see that this is getting localised in North America.

Warprincess1162480d ago

Well if you already have a DS. You could of just download the translated version or use an emulator and play it. Wasting all of your money to import it is stupid.

ShawnCollier2480d ago

You do realize the 3DS is region locked, right?

And he lives in Europe, so he didn't get Abyss on the PS2.

firefoxprime2480d ago


Alright. I'm done. Really sucks regarding the Jap release, but their country is in some series repair mode. Its so weird. As little kids growing up, we've always been forcefead the idea that Jap is super technologically advanced than any other country in the WORLD. Yet reality has struck, and they to must bow before nature...argh.

I could by the ps2 version, but I really wanna enjoy the update 3DS version. IN 3DDDD!!!!

eagle212480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Nice...and Contra 3DS has been on pre-order since last year so hopefully an E3 reveal. :)

JDouglasGU2480d ago

hopefully it's a meatier game than most 3ds offerings so far.