Shivering Isles Coming to PS3?

Bethesda Says Oblivion PS3 DLC Solution In The Works

Good news for PS3 owners: you might not have to be in the cold for much longer when it comes to Oblivion DLC.

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toughNAME3880d ago

Sony made it just in time to catch the last bus

Lanontscuz3880d ago

i lost my oblivion fix about 2 months ago and theres better games out there now...

TheHater3880d ago

I have this game for my laptop, and it out dated.

felman873880d ago

might as well buy game of the year edition

solidt123880d ago

So what Bethesda! Give us a new game already.

jackdoe3880d ago

They are. Fallout 3. Anyway, will probably just get the GOTY edition as I don't own any previous versions.

progx3880d ago

Who cares? Mass Effect and Fallout 3 are coming.

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