SouthPeak Far from Closing - Actually Very Strong Right Now

GPT: "Mark Twain was famous for the line - “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. The steamboat-riding author isn’t alone. Last week, we got a tip from and distrubtor and two of its buyers that SouthPeak Interactive was potentially facing closure in the near future. Thankfully, we can confirm that SouthPeak is doing just fine and the rumors are completely false. In fact, based on word directly from the publisher, they're "... in a very strong position and we’re looking at plenty of exciting opportunities for this year and beyond.'"

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GunShotEddy2810d ago

Good! I was looking forward to the release of Stronghold 3 and was a little worried. SP catches a lot of flak, but puts out some great games.

BattersUp2810d ago

Smoke much crack? What games have they developed? The only good games they've done were other peoples. 3D Dot Game Heroes and Two Worlds were not theirs.

BeaRye2810d ago

SouthPeak did work on Two Worlds in cooperation with TopWare. Get your stories straight.

Venox20082810d ago

there are a lot of worse companies than this, it's good that it didn't die ...more games = more fun ...

2810d ago