PSP Official Firmware 6.38 Update Mysteriously Disappears. Anonymous Hacked Again?

PSP recently uploaded the OFW 6.38 to their servers, but the update has mysteriously disappeared. No one knows why PSP has suddenly decided to retract their update. It may be in light of the recent hacking attacks, instability of the update, or a combination of problems. Either way, gamers are currently not able to make the 6:38 update....

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BK-2012807d ago

Probably a security fix.

Biggest2807d ago

"A Sony Exec Had Pancakes on French Toast Day. Anonymous to Blame for the Change of Heart?"

an0nym0us2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yes i sent Sony "french toast" and "pancakes" (blueberry to be exact) as an apology, for costing them millions of dollars with my fiendish hacking. I'm Sorry............Sorry....... ...........SSSOOORRRYYYYY.

TotalPS3Fanboy2807d ago

and not a Consumer Friendly company like Sony that provide real values for your dollars.

GrieverSoul2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Arent we giving these guys too much attention.
They may be the culprits but it may also be for somekind of maintenance or someone at Sony simply screw up. Who knows?!

radphil2807d ago

Pfft too much attention, i'd say they don't have enough!

"Sony runs out of toilet paper. Anonymous to blame for shortage"

"Sony Exec sneezes. Anonymous to blame for pepper in the coffee"

an0nym0us2807d ago

I know right, they blame me for everything... It's because i`m Anonymous.

DaTruth2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Maybe you're black???

They even elected a black guy, just so they could blame the financial crises, recession, and subsequent joblessness on him, even though it all took place before he was elected!

denero12807d ago

lol thank you 3 posters above for using common sense and not falling into the trend giving this unknown entity to much attention for any little thing -_-

Heartnet2807d ago

Spose thats one way to lose bubbles :P