Sega registers Sonic Generations domains

Scrawl: "Sonic Generations may be the title of Sega’s next Sonic release. The firm has recently registered two domains surrounding the name, signaling an impending announcement.

Additionally, Sega’s Sonic Facebook page is teasing “something big coming this week”."

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Warprincess1162729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

OMG I want Sonic Heroes 2 Sega.

vgn242729d ago

Does this mean the SEGAone console is real?

RankFTW2729d ago

I highly doubt it is real but if it is I'll eat my own head (don't hold me to that).

Quagmire2729d ago

Is that even physically possible?

RankFTW2729d ago

Well I could eat my ears and nose since they "come off".

ChickeyCantor2729d ago

Sonic Adventure 3 uses an image from Sonic unleashed?
I mean LOL.

Quagmire2729d ago

Hope they port it to Move, its seriously lacking in core games. I would buy it. That and Epic Mickey

GameTavern2729d ago

This sounds like it will be a Sonic Collection of games throughout his career.

As long as they put more 2D than 3D games on it....

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