Playstation Move to Succeed over Kinect - Three Key Reasons (

Anthony Accinelli of Strengthgamer writes, "I am by no means a Playstation Move fanboy. I am also by no means a Microsoft Kinect fanboy. I have however noticed a severe increase in the amount of gameplay the Playstation Move gains over the Microsoft Kinect in the office. Being the curious little aardvark that I am, I began to investigate the reasons behind this trend."

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AvidGamerrrr2807d ago

Totally agree. I have both and use my Move a lot more often.

darthv722807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

is they are on two different platforms and offer two distinct different experiences. Why does one need to succeed over the other? There is room for both.

I'd like to actually see a collaboration of the two but that isnt going to happen anytime soon.

t0mmyb0y2807d ago

Collaboration of the two is what the Move and PSEye are ;)

Pixel_Enemy2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Move for Killzone is the best way to play. No doubt. I also love move for RE5 and Socom 4. Those are 3 core titles that I prefer move over dual shock and you can't find even one Kinect title that you could say that about.

I am willing to pay $150 for Kinect when MS gives me a good reason to. I have tried it and it is nothing more than a gimmick. It doesn't add anything useful to gaming.

distorted_reality2807d ago

From a gaming perspective - most definitely.

From a innovation outside of gaming perspective - definitely not.

I'm not saying MS intended it this way, as they obviously didn't, but Kinect is proving to be much more of a success among modders than gamers, with good reason.

Kinect is obviously not everyone's cup of tea as a gaming peripheral, but has massive potential for other applications.

Godmars2902807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Then how about the Move succeeding Kinect as both were originally intended: as console accessories.

If things continue as they are Kinect will become associated with PCs.

DelbertGrady2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yeah, cause the majority of the 10+ million that have bought Kinect are modders. /s

@Godmars290 - Do you actually believe that the majority of Kinect buyers are PC modders and institutions, and not gamers?
It would be highly unlikely that say 5 million hospitals and 5 million PC modders bought all the Kinects, don't you think? Seeing as there are 47 million 360's in peoples homes and Kinect was marketed as a gaming peripheral and not a mod tool you need a really thick head to think the majority of buyers were not gamers.

Godmars2902807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Meh, prove that people aren't buying them for PCs. That companies and institutions aren't buying them to utilize a popular mod.

Better yet, show the actual percentages of 360 owners, general modders and modder adapters.

Just_The_Truth2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

move is better for a wider range of games. Kinect is better for games that need your whole body like dance, i think the tech would be better utilised as a non gaming device though. look at the gunstringer and child of eden compared to KZ3 and Socom it seems devs are able to simply add the move on as option easily but kinect requires changing a game completely watering it down and putting it on-rails ex. Forza 4.

MysticStrummer2807d ago

In terms of all around gaming potential it blows Kinect away but that doesn't mean it will sell more, so it depends on how you define "succeed".

a08andan2807d ago

The risk that Microsoft has taken is great. Not because of Kinect itself, I have no opinion about that since I only have Move, but rather because of the audience it mainly aims at. Casuals normally don't buy as many games as "gamers". My parents bought a Wii a couple of years ago, and they only have Wii Sports, which came along with that. They haven't used their Wii for over two years. If Microsoft focuses to much on appealing to the casual audience and invest to much, it might backfire in low sales of games for said system. But I am glad we, as gamers, have options and I hope it works out fine as it has so far. But Kinect and Move is still "new".

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