Sony announces Android tablet, Gamestop claims tablets the way of the future

It is being reported that Sony will release their tablet this summer. The device will run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and if rumors and speculation are to be believed, the tablet will be Playstation Certified. On the heels of this announcement comes GameStop’s proclamation that tablets are the entertainment wave of the future.

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hay2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Indeed they are. Got Galaxy Tab some time ago and the comfort, oh the comfort, is incredible. I read PDFs without eye strain in any position I considered comfortable, played some fun casual titles(Game Dev Story!), usage is incredibly intuitive, web surfing is easy, typing needs getting used to though.

I can put it in my pocket(cargo trousers FTW), have internet access everywhere, use it as a phone with headset, read, play, watch, listen, having organizer, calendar, notebook all in one device of convenient size.

While it's neither Laptop nor Netbook, Tablets have their own set of functionalities most people will love using. It is the future.

Misterhbk2807d ago

Sony is definitely trying to grab as much of the mobile/handheld market as they can.

They have a dedicated gaming handheld in the NGP.
They have a great gaming phone in the Xeperia Play.
And now a Playstation Tablet.

They're making something for everyone. Whether you play core games, or just casual ones or if you don't play games at all, they've got something for you.

killyourfm2807d ago

The Tab is the 7-incher, right? Will it be upgradable to Android 3.0?

hay2807d ago

Yeah, it's 7inch. Not sure if it will support 3.0. If you're considering buying it better wait for new Tab. 10 inch and Honeycomb.

killyourfm2807d ago

The article has been updated with confirmation that the Sony tablet will be Playstation Suite compatible!

BShea2807d ago

I'm loving the competition that's occurring in the tablet market right now. sure, the iPad is still king of it, but with new challengers comes new advances. Hopefully this only pushes things forward in the industry. You think the PS3 would be where it's at without Xbox and Nintendo to compete with it?