Mortal Kombat goes gold on PS3 and Xbox 360

Warner today announced that Mortal Kombat has officially gone gold on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Focker4202726d ago

Why would someone bother coming in here if they were just going to disagree with you?? Sometimes people are pathetic...

OT- Cant wait, I'm gonna be trying to balance 3 other games along with this

GoldenGamer2726d ago

Why we need a disagree or agree button is beyond me anyway

OT: I think im too shit at fighting games to enjoy this even though i want it :/

The Meerkat2726d ago

The disagree or agree button is so you know the proportion of PS3 vs 360 fans.

TomInc2726d ago

I'm pretty sure it's hard to disagree with a scheduled release date anyway.. xS

Sevir042726d ago

Lol! I think people just hit disagree because they dislike a person because of affiliation to a said console. Normally the ones who hit disagree are fanboys.

OT: ive been waiting for This grand return to MK since it was released. its time for MK to be relevant again.

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LoneWanderer092726d ago

people are just plain stupid what are they going to get with disagreeing with a Date change Hahaha

Rynx2726d ago

Finally, they were pushing that kind of close. Oh well here's hoping I score a copy this week!!

I_killed_TheMart2726d ago

can't wait to take all ur f***en souls with shang tsung! :P

pappakrol add that:)

I_killed_TheMart2726d ago

in your opinion do you guys think they'll give him his old school MK1 costume. Like this one http://facebook.themortalko...

supremacy2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Though i like the way this game is shaping up, one thing i know i am going to miss is this killer sound and the running ability to tie in the combos.

That sound, that look and feel made me feel right at home with MK, i felt they took it to a whole new level with those things.

As so it will be greatly miss for sure; and in that note i wouldn't mind paying to get that sound back in some sort of add on.

But...i also hear this game will support custom soundtrack so there goes that as well.

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