The Witcher 2 System Requirements, New Screenshots Released

CD Projekt have been regularly updating new screenshots from their upcoming RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This latest batch showcases the large variety of areas and characters from the game and looks great, as usual. You can check them out below along with the system requirements for the game, both via RPS.

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RedDead2728d ago

Lavly requirements. I can play it. I need a cheap GPU to recommend it.

Enate2728d ago

Just get a 5770 if you just need a cheap gpu. It also has low power consumption with only needing one 6 pin connector. I myself have been weighing in on getting a new gpu with my 275gtx. Though I realize my struggle as of late isn't as much my gpu as it is poor optimization these days. Plenty of games look worse then Witcher 2 and have requirements far higher.

I think my 275GTX will hold me till the AMD 7000 series rolls out. I just haven't seen enough of an increase in my graphics card range to warrant an upgrade just yet if I can help it.

starchild2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

GTX 460 or HD 6850 are two great bang-for-your-buck cards out right now.

Anyway, Witcher 2 is going to be a phenomenal game. The first one was so good. I also have to say that graphically The Witcher 2 blows away any RPG on consoles.

Xwow20082728d ago

The game looks beautiful :)

pennywhyz2728d ago

yea had fun with the 1st 1 ill be all over this 1

nevermore2728d ago

those shots look sweeeeeet as hell.

BeastlyRig2728d ago

Easy to run on an old card! & it looks amazing!!

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