Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Convoy Security Gameplay Movie

A player clears a trading post ahead of a convoy.

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RedDeadLB2785d ago

Why do sim games always have to look so god damn cheap..

MysticStrummer2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Much larger environments, better AI, more behind the scenes calculations going on for things like bullet trajectory physics. Looks good to me. I loved Dragon Rising and will buy this day one. This is so much better than that Call of Duty crap, if you really want a challenge that is. If you want to run and gun in a completely unrealistic way, then Call of Duty is your game.

RedDeadLB2781d ago

Wow, my comment got misinterpreted.. Again. I played Dragon Rising, loved it, but it just felt unfinished. Same with every sim game I played. It just feels like they threw the game out on sale the moment it was playable and didn't even bother to touch it up a bit.

sonicsidewinder2785d ago

He took a hit to his head. It wasn't serious but he was bleeding badly.

mcstorm2785d ago

Looks good to me did not really get into Dragon Rising but ill defo give this ago.