Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Insurgent Held Village Gameplay Movie

Bravo team assaults a village.

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ninjagoat2578d ago

AI is as thick as a plank lol :) He was in the next room laying waste to his buddy a balancy across and the street below yet the enemy in the next room was unaware of his presence the whole time.

Ive little to no faith in this game at all. Never did seen the last one but this just adds to that feeling off oh crap another bad Flashpoint to ruin the name of what was once a top shooter.

bumnut2578d ago

The original Flashpoint team moved on and now make the Arma games, thats why the new ones are nowhere near as good.

ninjagoat2569d ago

I know m8 i have both Arma games enjoy them both. Just still feeling ripped off from the last flashpoint lol :)

BeastlyRig2578d ago

Rage,BF3 & Red Orchestra 2 & im done for the year...

bumnut2578d ago

Looks very....... average