Gamespot Reviews The Orange Box

"Between Half-Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2, you're bound to find something you'll absolutely love in The Orange Box."

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synce3963d ago

Did they put everything on the same DVD?

WilliamRLBaker3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Not sure ill check for ya.

and a disagree? why? he asked a question.

Edit: found out for ya, it all comes on 1 dvd disc.

synce3963d ago

Thanks. (I once got 4 disagrees just for stating that IGN gave DOAX a 9.2. It actually did.)

vaan3963d ago

Anyone know when this comes out on PS3? And can you use mouse and keys on the console version?

hotshot12373963d ago

im not sure about the keyboard part though sorry

Chris_GTR13963d ago

its comes out Dec 11 for ps3.
waiting beyond.

iceice1233963d ago

And you know there is something wrong with your console if Valve has to delay a game. VALVE people VALVE.

Evil Rant Monkey3963d ago

Just bought it today! Team Fortress 2 kicks azz!

RelloC3963d ago

Is it possible for a game to earn GOTY honors in two seperate years? If it was possible, this one could do it folks. [email protected] this game is amazing. TF2 FTW.

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The story is too old to be commented.