In-depth Review: Dynasty Warriors 7 - Electronic Theatre

To suggest that Dynasty Warriors 7 is simply a case of pressing a single button repeatedly and watching enemies fall down is missing the point entirely; to those gamers, Electronic Theatre would suggest upping the difficulty setting. It’s a game about wisely planning a combat strategy to reach your ultimate goal in the best possible condition, and adapting quickly to the changes that can occur on the battlefield.

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MattS2813d ago

Ah, love this review - well done!

MidnytRain2813d ago

Lol, I'm not knocking you, but it's not hard to like a review when it gives a game the score you want it to.

Andreas-Sword2813d ago

A good Review. 88%
Now I am playing the game. The game is pretty fun and funny!
Dynasty Warriors 7 is the best Dynasty Warriors game ever!