GamesTM: Shift 2: Unleashed Review

GamesTM writes "EA drops the Need For Speed branding from its realistic racing sequel and, with a little help from an ill-advised helmet cam, reminds us that it’s not just 3DS games that can make us feel unwell…"

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RankFTW2785d ago

Gonna pick this up on Friday, hopefully will plat MSA by then.

Quagmire2785d ago

Yup, a number which comes before 7, and after 5. Amazing isnt it? Guess what else is amazing, Shift 2. Go and buy it, its awesome as.

lowcarb2785d ago

They use to handle the Star Wars franchise with love and passion. I just hope we start seeing something soon from developers who want to innovate rather then make a quick dollar off an over powered jedi game.

LiamIRL822785d ago

A 6 is a bit harsh for a genuinely very good (not great) racer.

retrofly2785d ago

Helmt cam is one of the best things to be added to a game (yes other have done before but not like this)

if you have to stick with the helmet cam for a while to get used to it, but once you do you realise that it makes it one of the most realistic immersive racers I've ever played.

Dev's need to take note from Shift2 on making it feel like your actually driving a car at 100mph round bends.

Hell at 200mph Forza 3 still feels like gentle stroll around the park, compared to Shift at 60 mph.

soundslike2785d ago

yep, I hope games that actually have cars that drive like cars rip this game to shreds to salvage anything at all and use it for their own.
Improved Helmet Cam + GT5 physics and detail +Forza Customization and events = game that needs to be made

retrofly2785d ago

Racing a car is a violent bumpy phyical ride. Race drivers are atheletes, they have to be the way they are constanly under g-forces. its about time a game showed that!

Can I say that the AI absolutly destroys all other racing game AI, its actually like racing against people!