Bulletstorm: overblown bravado or groundbreaking?

Was Bulletstorm a groundbreaking title that defies current FPS conventions, or an immature slug-fest that regresses the genre rather than advance it? Megabits considers the evidence...

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Bojeeva2664d ago

Absolutely loved this game!

Jaces2664d ago

The fact that it threw everything you knew about FPS out the window and made you learn how to play their style was pretty awesome. Slow at first but once you become adept to the style it easily topped my 50 best games.

Cannot wait for the sequel!

cali3342664d ago

It was a solid game, but not in my top 50 games this gen.

Quagmire2664d ago

The only ground it broke was when I tossed it out the window

montyburns0002663d ago

grats on buying a game that you didn't like even though there was a demo. derp

Quagmire2663d ago

you actually think I bought the game?

gorebago2664d ago

How about neither but a really fun distraction. There were components that I wish would show up in future shooters like the leash and it's ability to throw enemies in the air and slam them into the ground. That was awesome.

SilverSlug2664d ago

FPS version of Madworld, without the style.

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