Battlefield 2: Reality Mod: Most Realistic First Person Shooter Ever

Is this the most realistic first person shooter you have ever seen? This is a reality mod for Battlefield 2, you can check out more information at:

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ardivt2693d ago

so does it work with the steam version of the game?

Drjft2693d ago

Yes, it's a seperate installer.

TotalPS3Fanboy2692d ago

so why is this listed under 360 and PS3?

ChozenWoan2693d ago

I've only seen that much team work in MAG and Socom.

kataloni102692d ago

battlefield is the best FPS ever

Drjft2693d ago

No this isn't the most realistic FPS.

Go check out the "Advanced Combat Environment 2" mod for ArmA 2.

evrfighter2693d ago

yup the most realistic fps definitely goes to arma 2.

frostypants2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

There's a fine balance of realism vs. fun though. Arma 2 sacrifices too much fun. I still agree with you though...Arma 2 is all about realism. To a fault.

Drjft2692d ago

It's a military simulator. It's not meant to be fun.

I've played 400+ hours of it and I love it both from a military side and gameplay side.

It's actually not that deep either. It's a little bit of everything.

The tank gameplay isn't as good as Red Orchestra, the flying isn't as good as Digital Combat Simulator A-10, the infantry experience is perfect though.

MrGunny942693d ago

LOL... This is the greatest mod ever for BF2 if you don't like it then you dont like REAL fps games

TheBand1t2693d ago

I don't like Project Reality, and I played Battlefield 2 religiously for 2-3 years

Nivalis2693d ago

Why exactly is this under PS3/360?

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The story is too old to be commented.