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The Weapons of Haze

IGN has given us a glimpse into what weapons to expect when Haze releases in late November. (Haze, PS3)

Credit url: blogs.ign.com
TheExecutive  +   2849d ago
Hey! My first article got submitted, this pleases me! Woot!
stunt213  +   2849d ago
those are some pretty sweet weapons, cant wait for this game.
Spike47  +   2849d ago
that's nice!!!!!!!

like the knife and nectar effect when stabbing or cutting mantel troopers.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2849d ago
Man, i liked those rebel's big weapons... As always, I'll take mine sniper rifle in a Team Deathmatch and let those mantel troopers come and make my day! :D
crazy25000  +   2849d ago
ever since counter strike, ive hated snipers =|
SIX  +   2849d ago
I have a good feeling about this game
I might throw my first gaming party when this game hits. 4 player co op is going to kill. I still hate those live action cutscenes/trailers though. I hope those aren't in the game itself.

Oh! BTW. Congrats Executive for getting your first story.
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scheme_a  +   2849d ago
Mantel weapons look really hard to grip. Look like it's gonna hurt holding them after a while.

anyway, i'm definitely getting this game.
Ace_Shooter  +   2849d ago
Very standard yet so sweet. Can't wait for this game. Anyone know if this game will have online campaign co-op??
Cogwork  +   2849d ago
I heard that they did have full four player online co-op for the campaign.
Charlie2688  +   2849d ago
They are looking pretty cool :D

I find interesting that they didn't include no energy based weapons (laser/plasma/fusion/gauss/ele ctrical) the mantel side design weapons would have fit perfectly
PowderedToast  +   2849d ago
No plasma makes this game better
i hate plasma weapons. i can't wait for this game to come out it's going to be similar to halo from the looks of it. minus the whole nectar thing, but that's still pretty cool.
Jdash24  +   2849d ago
wow with weapons like that in a game like haze it will be very rewarding to PLAY B3YOND this holiday season
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pwnass  +   2849d ago
damn! kool weapon's
To bad they won't look that good in actual gameplay.
Proxy  +   2849d ago
They should look preaty good.
When camping in Resistance I'll sometimes just watch the weapon spawns slowly spin. They look just as detailed on the map as they do in front of your face. They weapons do look preaty square 'n' all, I would expect them to still look preaty good in game.
jackdoe  +   2849d ago
Interesting article. Nice to have an article that doesn't deal with sales on N4g.
socomnick  +   2848d ago
Pretty standard weapons with the exeptions of the nectar knife and the nectar grenade. This halo ripoff is looking less and less appealing.
lodossrage  +   2833d ago
This is not a halo rip off
Please don't disrespect haze like that lol

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