New Resident Evil is a shooter first, horror game second - Capcom

OXM: "Capcom isn't "aiming for another horror game" with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, according to producer Masachika Kawata. The new title will take a "different direction", proffering "regular shooting game specs and features" under the Resident Evil brand."

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dirigiblebill2485d ago

Shame :s

Survival horror is dead on consoles this gen, IMO. Dead Space 2 was fantastic, but it wasn't what I'd call "horror" as such - more gruesomeness and a sense of frenzy.

MidnightWatcher2485d ago

I personally would call Dead Space a Survival Horror, but you seem to have forgotten the best survival horror was released this gen and it's called.....

Amnesia: Dark Descent.

This was the scariest game ever made and it was a huge success selling about 500,000+

Here's a video which shows how amazingly scary this game is

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I spent the whole 7 mins just trying to figure out what the heck he was so afraid of -_-. I heard this game was really scary but if that vid was suppose to prove it, it fails.

I just looked up some more gameplay of Amnesia Dark decent. I really dont see how the game is so scary.

dirigiblebill2485d ago

Agreed - Dark Descent was amazing, but they've yet to announce a console version :)

sonicsidewinder2485d ago

I bought amnesia last night in a steam sale.

It is undeniably unnerving.

evrfighter2485d ago


sounds to me like you made your decision on Amnesia before you even looked the game up. Don't own a decent enough pc I take it?

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El-Fenemeno12132485d ago

Now I'm extremely worried XO

sikbeta2485d ago

"New Resident Evil is a shooter first, horror game second" Hmmm...Like RE5?

dirigiblebill2485d ago

I think the key thing is that they're not trying to pretend otherwise this time...

Baka-akaB2485d ago

more like shooter first , action movie second , and if we feel like it we'll throw you an horror sequence as dlc .

guigsy2485d ago

And RE4. The last horror game in the series was probably Zero.

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Quagmire2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Capcom, almost every decision you have made this gen is absolutely ridiculous. What happened to you guys?

Andf where's Dino Crisis and Monster Hunter PS3?

beavis4play2485d ago

agreed - capcom doesn't appear to be a AAA developer any more.

kataloni102485d ago

silent hell is the only horror game this gen

newn4gguy2485d ago



beavis4play2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

siren was good,scary fun!

i didn't play "alan wake"; but, it looked pretty good too.

kataloni102485d ago

yes amnesia too but it was too scary :P

Alan wake is for me goty but it wasn't scary that much

bozebo2485d ago

There are more horror games this gen than any previous gen lol.

Baka-akaB2485d ago

er no .. not even close lol.

But there have been a few good ones this gen

DelbertGrady2485d ago

All Silent Hill games so far this gen have sucked big old smelly balls.

Baka-akaB2485d ago

i dont even see how you'd get disagrees on this one

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The story is too old to be commented.
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