LEGO series: 'There are surprises in the pipeline'

Traveller's Tales has told ONM that there will be surprises in store for fans of LEGO games in the future.

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Agent Smith2785d ago

Lego: Shawshank Redemption

Oldman1002785d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they made a LEGO Call of Duty.

Magnus2785d ago

I'd play a Lego Jurassic Park game or even since they did a Lego Batman I would play a Lego Xmen game.

shotgun_ps32785d ago

If they did Lego Manhunt I'd start respecting them again.

banjadude2785d ago

lets see what we can list as possibilities/wishful thinking ideas:

Lego X-men
Lego Avengers
Lego Spiderman
Lego Transformers
Lego Lord of the Rings...