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GB: "It was about this time last year I started my staff position at Gamingbolt, and I vividly remember Yakuza 3 as being one of the first games I was sent in my position as a review writer. Fast forward a year and I’m sat here eyeing up my copy of Yakuza 4. It certainly carries the hallmarks of the series, but it was pleasant to see some of the issues I had with its predecessor being rectified. There are still definitely some bad habits that it hasn’t been able to break from however and, with its quirky style and hugely eastern influence, it will only appeal to a very certain kind of gamer."

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disturbing_flame2807d ago

Yakuza 4 is by far better in content and narration than a lot of AAA western games.
One of the best game of this generation.
Better than those stupid and linear TPS the industry is doing by bunch, reproducted over and over.

Killer game.

nix2807d ago

one of the 'linear' TPS is Uncharted series.. which i think for what they are, are really great games.

Yakuza series is pretty good too. i finished Y3 three/four weeks back. i recently finished Part 1 of Y4. i think content wise, the games pack soooo much.

LOGICWINS2807d ago

@disturbing_flame- Why are you comparing Yakuza 4 to third-person shooters????

InLaLaLand2807d ago

I think he means that the same TPS (more like FPS) games sell well and get good reviews because that is the norm this generation of gaming. I agree with him. I have started to hate some of the gaming channels like Machinima due to the fact most of the games are FPSs (they do have other videos for other games but most are just Call of Duty). I think people should buy this if they were a Sega fan back in the day. Nagoshi (general director of the Yakuza series) has produced games like Super Monkey Ball and F Zero GX.