In Defence Of Anonymous

NowGamer: "Hacktivism is one of the worst made-up words I’ve ever read, but it is unfortunately one of the main words that keeps on popping into the ol’ noggin when thinking about Anonymous’ DDOS attack on the PlayStation site..."

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ultimate-remag2809d ago

now gamer suck DEEZZZZ NUTZ 4 agreein with them 4 interrupting the users of psn service...

MGRogue20172809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I support neither side..

I would just like to play MotorStorm: Apocalypse's online MP as well as other online PS3 titles in peace.

I am innocent, Every PS3/PSN user is innocent. Anonymous needs to understand that when they're going about their own little "war games" against Sony.

That is all.

Senden2809d ago

Finally an opinion article which isn't filled with flat out ignorance on the whole situation. Understandable that people here are angry at these groups for taking down PSN but you could literally grab some popcorn and a beer while you go through some of the replies and laugh at some of the crazily stupid replies. Personally, I loved the justice crusader ones the best.

nix2809d ago

just let us play our games... please! don't fight for me.. anon.

newn4gguy2809d ago

I hate having to turn on Anon like this.

They just like mob action...regardless of who it's against.

That and 360 fanboys. Lol.

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