New Jurassic Park game will fix the science Spielberg got wrong

Playr writes: Apparently, Jurassic Park: The Game - the new episodic adventure that starts this month - will highlight errors in the dino-science in Spielberg's original movie and update it. That's according to the game's director Paul Grossman.

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chidori6662811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

this game looks like shitty. I expect shit. I wish someone would take this seriously and make an awesome game worthy of the name Jurassic Park.

sinncross2811d ago

I dont think fans care about correcting the science... they just want an experience that allows them to experience the wonder of dinosaurs and the terror involved when you become their prey.

DaTruth2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

There was a lot of ridiculous parts in those movies! Like the part where the two T-Rex's come for their baby in JP2. No reptile in the history of the world ever gave a damn about its babies; they just lay the eggs and leave!

If you fix the science in the JP movies, there wouldn't be JP movies at all! Imagine the monumental undertaking of mapping and sequencing 1000 dinosaurs DNA, successfully adding in frog DNA and coming away with even one viable embryo... especially using 90's computing technology!(did CPU's even have names back then?) This is the least of their problems!

rezzah2811d ago

This game is gona be awesome just because it is Jurassic Park.

Wana play a bad dino game? Try Jurassic: The Hunted or w.e its called.

bozebo2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Looks like ass for a PC only game, oh wait it's on mac too that explains it.

The graphics seem to have some nice shaders and stuff, but the textures are horrible. That aside, it looks interesting so I'll pick it up if it isn't some dumb price like £40 ($65).


the game looks like absolute pants to be fair and if they are correcting the science he got wrong will we have chicken sized velociraptors?

Ultraplayerxp2811d ago

They can start with changing the title to. . . .

sasuke992811d ago

fix the shity graphics first

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