GQ | Crysis 2 review

CrysIs 2 is the new definitive shooter according to GQ

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WobblyOnion2724d ago've actually made me want to play an FPS.

granthinds2724d ago

I'm glad! It's an excellent game. I was getting really bored of the FPS genre myself. Glad something awesomes come along.

kelvinmanley2724d ago

the new crysis looks crazy sweet. problem is having the gear to play it >:( one day, i tell you, one day...

granthinds2724d ago

Get an Xbox or ps3 and be like Sheen, DUH WINNING.

byeGollum2724d ago

that review is like an Extension of what I think of Crysis2
the writer must be psychic lol

PS3Blog2724d ago

Much better than the first game. Multiplayer is a lot of fun as well.

Great Review