Predictions And Images For Leaked Black Ops Map Pack, “Escalation”

You love Black Ops. You’re tired of the same old maps. Activision wants to bleed your pockets of that precious coin. Seems this works out well for everyone then. We take our shot at predictions for the upcoming maps, based on leaked imagery.


Included possible leaked mapping and render of "Hotel," included in the "Escalation" map pack.

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NeloAnjelo2730d ago

My Predictions:

Overpriced, flat, and every building looking like a copy and paste of eachother.

thekiddfran2730d ago

Who still cares about this game?

JoeIsMad2730d ago

Only a few million people who play the title daily...

thekiddfran2730d ago

Damn you COD to hell.....!!!

Co2-UK2730d ago

@JoeIsMad Can you change the picture for this story to this one:

Its would help because it is more informative.

InLaLaLand2730d ago

Check youtube and your friends list. Seems as though Activision are getting more free advertisement from these sources.

MGRogue20172730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

So many haters.. And yet, they continue to play the game.

I mean.. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still play CoD: Black Ops, even to this day. It's great fun.

retrofly2730d ago

wow, people arn't scared to say they like playing COD.

yay playing COD is finally cool again!

Vojkan2730d ago

As broken as it is, still the most MP out there. And that says something...

HeavenlySnipes2730d ago

I hate the most about this game is the lag. I mean in MW2, I used wifi (3mb/s connection) to play and had barely any problems. In BLOPs, Its unplayable unless I haul out my 100ft ethernet cable to get a 20mb/s connection.

The lag is so bad, you supposedly knife someone then you get knifed afterwards by the person the game said you just stabbed. Watch the killcam and see that from their perspective you just ran past the guy and he knifed you.

The only reason this game isn't sold is because it has splitscreen multiplayer. Modern Warfare 3 better have dedicated servers.

Vojkan2730d ago

So true about the lag, which is strange since WAW didn't have those issues from what I can remember.

InLaLaLand2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Now you mentioned WAW, that game didn't have that many problems compared to Black Ops. People only complained about the guns in WAW. I agree about the lag but I thought it was OK in the 1.06 patch (no matches disconnected etc) in Black Ops.

Pixel_Pusher2730d ago

Wifi...that doesn't help.

HeavenlySnipes2730d ago

whenever (very rarely nowadays) I feel like playing Black Ops I have to pull out the 100 ft ethernet cable and plug it in directly to the modem. Its the only way I can bare playing that game online.

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