Batman: Arkham City Comic Book Gets its First Look We've finally got a glimpse of the Batman: Arkham City comic series and it sure does looking promising! The story picks up from where Arkham Asylum ended. Joker's Titan fueled physique has been defeated by Bat's and Joker's on the recovery in the now safely controlled Asylum. Check out some of the pages below, Batman: Arkham City comic will be available in digital form May 2011.

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Quagmire2815d ago

Wow. That was awesome! I cant believe I actually feel kinda sorry for Joker. CREEPY!

Cant wait to read the rest.

HarryBarry2815d ago

What about Quinn! Sure does look good.

Blaine2815d ago

I like! Want to read the rest, for sure.

Any chance it'll hit the PSN/ PSP?