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MotorStorm: Apocalypse is so intense at times, and utterly frustrating when you happen to lightly clip a car or piece of scenery and spin-out only to be placed at the back of the pack. But, its pick-up-and-play appeal is undeniable and hypnotic gameplay absolutely addictive. As the soundtrack pumps away and the world crumbles around you, your heart will most definitely be racing along with it as you dodge and weave through a variety of quite striking events - the likes of which have a great impact on you the first time you see them.

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MGRogue20172782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I'm definately enjoying it but I must say that I'm finding Tyler's storyline in the Festival mode a little difficult.. but it's alot of fun & eventually I do pass each level, It just takes a few tries.. that's all.

I can't imagine how difficult the last storyline is going to be, lol

Anyway, You just gotta' keep at it & most importantly, Try not to crash & never give up.

I recommend every PS3 owner who wants a real challenge & also awesome online multiplayer to buy it. :)

IRetrouk2782d ago

I agree, the game is very challenging and great fun to play, extremely fast, fluid and clear, don't think It's like split second because it makes that game look tame.