Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: War without end

"What if somebody started a format war and nobody came?"

That was the question posed at the opening session of the DisplaySearch's 5th Annual HDTV Conference in Universal City, California. The much-hyped battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc still has no clear winner. As HDTV adoption continues to rise, (8 out of 10 television purchases last month were HDTVs, according to NPD,) many consumers are choosing format neutral, and the intent to buy a hi-def player remains low, (66 percent of respondents said they're not likely to buy a high-definition player in the next six months.)

The HD DVD camp believes its interactive content will be the key differentiator, while Blu-ray touts on its superior picture and sound quality. Whether it's picture quality or extra contents that will drive adoption of hi-def discs, the panel at the conference agreed that in the long run, HD DVD and Blu-ray are mere rest stops on the journey toward instant downloads of digital content.

The 2-page CNET News article includes analysis, NPD data and quotes from Hollywood studio VPs.

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Fan Tastic4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

They will help HD DVD just enough to not win.

MS wants to control the flow of information in out of your PC, in and out of your xbox through Live. They want to control you period. They already have a firm grip on the corporate world, god forbid they take over the home and nickle and dime every last one of us like they do with Xbox.

edit:.. Icewake, Sorry amigo. Paranoid isn't part of the equation, well M$ equation.

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Jeremy Gerard4082d ago

Dude are you flipping out of your mind or something!?! holy crap you are screwed up! And for the record, M$ could care less about this silly format war, they simply want to make their stock price move, something it has not done in some time.

You sir are a nut job, there is no reason anyone here should pay you any attention, I think I'll stop from this point on.

Cherchez La Ghost4082d ago

Microsoft can care less about HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Their focus is on Digital Disturbution. HD-IPTV is what they're banking on.