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Submitted by wotta 1776d ago | news

PlayStation users donate $1.318 million to Japan relief effort

STO Writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment today updated the status of the Great East Japan Earthquake relief effort through PlayStation Network which started in North America and Europe on March 19, 2011 and in Japan and Asia on March 24, 2011. (PS3, Sony)

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Newtype  +   1776d ago
That's alot.
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1776d ago
when you take in to account the amount $$$ of damage this is actually chump change but every little bit helps
Spydiggity   1776d ago | Spam
Spydiggity   1776d ago | Immature | show
NateCole  +   1776d ago
@Spydiggity. People disagree because you are ignorant.
iamnsuperman  +   1776d ago
@Spydiggity..... You really are delusional. Seriously you have clearly watched to much crap on tv. The levels of radition are not big enough to effect the USA or any othe country. Considring Japan is a volcanic Island it could have been built anywhere in Japan and still be effected by any earthquake

p.s i would like to point out that it wasn't just bp fault for the spill. All you have to do is read around and you will find multiple combinating factors of relaxed laws to government involvement to get oil cheaper. Its sad it happened but everyone is to blame not just one company
MmaFan-Qc  +   1776d ago
@Spydiggity dont be surprised to have a couples of disagree when you are THAT ignorant.

in fact, you diserve even more than 22 disagree
Biggest  +   1776d ago
How is his comment not collapsed yet? Extra crispy moron.
TBM  +   1776d ago
i gave $10 so i was glad to help.
TBM  +   1776d ago
Wow some people out there are just real DBs.
t0mmyb0y  +   1776d ago
$25 here
MmaFan-Qc  +   1776d ago
also gave 10$, sure its not that much, but its all about intentions.
ZeroChaos  +   1776d ago
And due to Anon, more couldn't be donated, way a go Anon. You hate Japan.
sikbeta  +   1776d ago
He is a lifeless a$$hole, he hate everything including his lame life, back on-topic, what an amazing news, it's great to know something like this is happening.
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xYLeinen  +   1776d ago
Makes me proud to be a gamer
MastaMold  +   1776d ago
@xyleinen same here, I put up some money glad to have helped
Spydiggity   1776d ago | Spam
negroguy  +   1776d ago
Thats real good. Even though 1.3M seems like a small bit, it is plenty to help out thousands of families with basic necessities.
bangoskank  +   1776d ago
As gamers we do owe a lot to Japan. Consider it your duty to donate. If you don't have PSN try one of these: (scroll to the bottom)
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Firstkn1ghT  +   1776d ago
Every lil bit helps but honestly, Japan is in a lot of trouble as a country. The radiation leaks are nowhere near to be contained and they're finding high levels of radiation everywhere. And now they have to dump tons of extremely high levels of radiation water into the Pacific Ocean??? Thanks for screwing up the whole world Japan.
Dipso  +   1776d ago
"Thanks for screwing up the whole world Japan."

Thanks for the most screwed up moronic comment of the week.
AdmiralSnake  +   1776d ago
He isn't being a moron he is telling the truth honestly. I'm not saying it wasn't rude but facts are facts...
Biggest  +   1776d ago
Where are you fools getting this retarded point of view? Japan caused the earthquake? Japan is the only country with nuclear reactors? Japan formed itself into an island with the intention of one day destroying itself and the rest of the world? I do hope that each of you gets hit by a semi-truck on its way to deliver relief supplies to the airport that will fly them to Japan. I hope this with ever fiber of my being.
TronEOL  +   1776d ago
The fuck? I'm guessing you're own of those Americans buying out every store for supplies because you think you're going to get poisoned by radiation? Yeah, I have friends in the states too, California actually, and they're laughing their asses off at asshats like you who believe it's going to affect you at all.

But I totally love how self-centered you can be even though that country is going through hell right now. Not to mention it's because of them that video games even got this big (Nintendo and Sony).

"The first nuclear reactor in Japan was built by the UK's GEC. In the 1970s the first Light Water Reactors were built in cooperation with American companies. These plants were bought from U.S. vendors such as General Electric or Westinghouse with contractual work done by Japanese companies, who would later get a license themselves to build similar plant designs."

"The nuclear industry in Japan has been highly affected by its United States counterpart. Through the late 1990s to present day, the industry has become confident that the U.S. will see construction of new nuclear plants. Hoping to take advantage of that, along with other opening markets, joint venture agreements between the major nuclear fuel vendors occurred in 1999, 2006, and 2007, following from the legacy of co-operation that began when Japan imported Western technology to jump start its nuclear fleet."
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Neko_Mega  +   1776d ago
I'm sad :( I only give 2 dollars do to only having a 20 dollar PSN card and wanting to get a game... Sorry Japan.
InfectedDK  +   1776d ago
Well you gave 10%
That's a lot so don't be ashamed.
jokia005  +   1776d ago
that's enough^^
i'd like to thank all of people who helps my country Japan.
Neko_Mega  +   1776d ago
Thanks ^-^ but I do feel pretty bad and I think when I get another card I'm going to use it all for Japan.
tigertron  +   1776d ago
I donated £2 on the store, but every little bit helps, right? I'm glad Sony have donated, its a very respectable thing to do.
Corrwin  +   1776d ago
I would give but, for two reasons:

- Japan is one of the largest economies in the world (yes I'm aware it's in debt, we all are). If it can't help itself, then more money isn't going to fix the problem.

- Following the "giving money to a rich nation", reason, I can only see this as boosting the altruistic egos of those who donate money. It's about feeling better about something we have no control over.

Good for you if you did donate, but (and I'm gonna get shit-stormed for this) there are worthier causes - AIDS, CANCER, [insert incurable disease here] research; poor kids in Africa, India, China etc.

Good luck to them, and all who need it.
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rdgneoz3  +   1776d ago
Yah, and its like like Japan donated ANY money at all to the US after Katrina... Nope, not a penny...
Corrwin  +   1776d ago
I don't doubt they didn't donate to Katrina. But I'm not American, so I'm not sure I see your point.

I was expressing an opinion on individuals giving money to already wealthy countries.
Biggest  +   1776d ago
It's only when it hit close to home that people wake up. When Corrwin is hit by some sort of disaster outside of his own power to control, he'll be thankful that people in the world are bigger and better men/women than he is.
NateCole  +   1776d ago
So wealthy countries don't deserve any donations?.

Not everyone in Japan is wealthy especially thousands of people that have lost homes and lively hoods from the disasters.

Every bit counts.
Corrwin  +   1776d ago
See, this is what I'm talking about. I don't meant to have a go at you, but you admit Japan is wealthy, and you donate anyway.

Why? Money doesn't solve everything, it just makes people like you feel better about not helping.

A report in 2009 found that 5 years after then Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the donations raised still hadn't even been half spent.

Haiti still looks like crap despite more than enough charity.

Meanwhile AIDS, malaria, cholera is rampant in the poorest parts of the world, but because the News doesn't make you feel guilty about that too often, you conveniently forget "every bit counts" in these situations.
nevin1  +   1776d ago
Thats impressive.
chiwoo  +   1776d ago
thats good I donated $10 and got a cool theme on PSN.
SpLinT  +   1776d ago
hopefully they cool those reactors or all this would be in vein =(
Acquiescence  +   1776d ago
I did my bit...
and so did plenty of others it seems. Brings a tear to your eye.
NateCole  +   1776d ago
This is a lot of money. This could buy blankets for all survivors that are battling the cold without their homes.
Sugreev2001  +   1776d ago
Simply Awesome.Inspires me to make a donation myself,kinda shamed I didn't earlier.
TBONEJF  +   1776d ago
SONY ALWAYS HAVE THEIR PEOPLE BACK. And I just text to donate for the people of Japan
#16 (Edited 1776d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Killzone3___  +   1776d ago
that's great :) , i can't give any because we already have problems in our country , our king and government with 2 army's from out the country are killing us , they do everything they can to kill us...
b_one  +   1776d ago
Good work ppl:)

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