Green Lantern Spotted On Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360

They have formed many rumors that we expected to XBLA users that we obtained our copy of Mortal Kombat, the next April 19 will be extras some speculate that the use of avatar and somehow unique but today has leaked video of a person playing the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat where we see a Green Lantern as a character to play

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Kamikaze1351937d ago

That doesn't make any sense

antoniomt1937d ago

i know dude it doenst make sense at all...but there it is as playable character ..

neoandrew1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

And you saw someone actually playing it ? Not only showing and image in character choice menu ?

If he can show him, why he can not show he is actually playing him?

Probably fake.

MmaFan-Qc1937d ago

when you say "playable character", it proove nothing since weven not seen him being played with.

thethiny1937d ago

its is fake (low graphics + contrast)

Inzo1937d ago

Why then isnt this showing any game play? I mean the camera is there already then why not just keep rolling and show some game play, if its true though I must say I feel for the xbox gamers, the Green lantern? Really?

goflyakite1936d ago

This game comes out in two weeks, I think NR would have announced something if there was something to announce.


Kevin ButIer1936d ago

LOL who cares... Kratos LOLS at Green Lantern as a exclusive char anyday

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RedDead1937d ago

Something else that confuses me, why are XBL members called XBLA? XBLA refers to Xbox live Arcade does it not? I've seen this so many times and always wondered...

Masamori Sumimura1937d ago

makes sense since he was in mkvsdc.

Darth Stewie1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

No it doesn't make sense cause MKvsDC was rated "T" due DC not want their characters being used in a gruesome manner and with this reboot they wanted MK to go back to its roots which involves a whole lot of gore. Thus its probably fake

davidmccue1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

One possibility why they might of included him in Mortal Kombat is to promote Green Lantern: Rise Of The Manhunters. Considering Warner Bros is involved with publishing both of the games.

Megaton1937d ago

Neither did Spawn in Soul Calibur 2.

Aloren1937d ago

These bonus characters never make any sense. Having a spartan god in MK doesn't make more sense than this green lantern. Just like having a spartan soldier in DOA4, or link in SC2, or Vader and Yoda in SC4...

darthv721936d ago

link fit better into SC2 than heihachi and spawn did.

Megaton1936d ago

I never tried Link, but I liked Heihachi.

Aloren1936d ago

Atually, thinking about it, spawn would've been a great MK character.

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antoniomt1937d ago

but why is there dude doesnt make sense bro ..i need an explanation why is there xD

neoandrew1937d ago

Fake image manipulation, thats the reason.

Jack-Pyro1937d ago

That's damn good photoshop if you ask me...

HelghastDrake1937d ago

ouch. I feel sorry for those who will play this online then. Anyone who has ever played MK VS DC knows that Green Lantern is the ultimate cheap spamming character!

thats_just_prime1937d ago

actually i think ceathstroke or what ever his name a was. you could do an uppercut type move with his sword and hit someone 3-4 time in the air and then he had a downward move with the sword that allow you to hit them once more when they land. That dude was insanely cheap and almost impossible to beat

MehmetAlperTR1937d ago

that must be FAKE please be FAKE.. Not that stupid DC Characters again in my GORE, violence and bloody MK.. PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO....

RockmanII71936d ago

If its real just buy the PS3 version, he won't be in that.

ultimate-remag1937d ago

dam ppl on xbox r really fishing for an exclusive characte lolololol.. jus giv it up damn!!!

macky3011937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

the really sad thing is,... this would be kinda bad,..