Is Film Noir The Perfect Remedy?

Garvaos from Plus XP explains the use of Film Noir techniques in Max Payne and Alan Wake, both games developed by Remedy.

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EditorAtGNG2485d ago

Absolutely. Though they kinda missed their mark with Alan Wake. Max Payne is still their greatest success and if it is ruined by Rockstar, well, there goes the franchise.

Bull5hifT2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Its not like Max Payne 4 has a good ring to it. I really like the max payne games... And if any one is saying he looks fat and bald,, just remember the Marlon Brando Character in apocalypse Now , i really enjoyed that funhouse in max payne 2 , and the sniper bullet cam is awesome

2485d ago
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