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Gather: The last couple of days, I've gone over what I consider the first 2 entries to the series, though I suppose Awakening could be seen as Dragon Age 1.5. There was a lot to like about the Origins games, and I will admit I was both excited and a bit concerned when I heard Dragon Age 2 would be coming out so soon after those other ones. The first games were huge, and there was a lot of extra content produced for them. While I looked forward to another romp through Bioware's excellently realized fantasy world, I was concerned that there would be some corners cut in getting a true sequel out there so quickly. Some of my fears were perhaps realized, but overall I'm happy to report that my time playing Dragon Age 2 was enjoyed quite a bit.

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gcolley2811d ago

i give it a zero. any game that makes me want to just stop playing is a zero in my opinion. i hate the damn thing, i felt like i was wasting my time running around the same screens over and over, finishing quests i didn't even know i was doing. i heard the lead developer of the first disagreed so much he didn't have a hell of a lot to do with the new one.

but then again this is EA. all their games are going mainstream and relying on DLC for more revenue. this felt like half a game. i bet the DLC will take you out of the city more, this is EA's plan. make you want more so they can sell DLC. DLC that was probably already finished when the game was and just kept separate.

they did it with skate3 and they did it with BC2 and now BF3. all the time the developer tries to make excuses like it was their choice and not EA's.

EA are back to their old ways unfortunately. this time next year there will only be mass appeal, dumbed down games

PooEgg2811d ago

I disagree with your zero, but I actually played the game from start to finish, instead of getting upset at the game's negatives, and immediately condemning it, which is not a fair way to score any game.

This game is difficult to review, and it has been given over inflated scores from most of the professional game reviewers, many who seemed to ignore the majority of bugs and flaws. This must be the same EA effect that we see with games like Sims 3 (console version), a good game that is certainly fun, but so flawed as to make it nearly impossible to play from start to finish due to game breaking bugs.

On one hand, DA2 is bug infested to distraction, and that should automatically lower the score substantially. Additionally, the reuse of environments was a lazy choice that Bioware should be embarrassed about. They also made a mistake when they simplified other things about the game. For instance, why give me hundreds of pieces of armor if only my main character can actually wear them? And why put my storage in my home if I cannot invite my party members into my home to pick their weapons and accessories. In my opinion this complicated things too much and made item management difficult.

But there are things I loved about the game, things I loved so much that I was willing to start the game over from scratch after a game-breaking bug destroyed my first playthrough during Act 3. I needed to know how the story would end, because I honestly cared about the characters and I was fascinated by Hawke’s story. Anyone who only played the game for a short time wouldn’t have a chance to dig into this aspect, but the story and characters really are fantastic. I actually preferred them to DAO. I finished the game last night, and found myself thinking about it for hours afterwards.

So, yeah, DA2 is not perfect. I agree it has certain glaring flaws, and Bioware needs to pull their heads out of EA’s bottoms and work a bit harder on future releases to regain fan loyalty. Regardless of this, anyone who loves the DA universe really needs to play this game from start to finish. I recommend waiting for the patch though. I really want to see DA3, and I hope that it will be a full complete game, with all the bells and whistles from DAO as well as the things that made DA2 rise above a the zero score that the angry fanboys have graced it with.

A realistic score in my opinion would be around 7 due to the bugs and lazy repeat environments. Fix the bugs and I would raise the score to an 8. or perhaps even an 8.5.

But a zero or and 8.5 in its current condition? I can't agree with either score.