Sony’s The Getaway 3 and Eight Days link with Santa Monica Studio

Let me first say I’m a game tester with media sources and Developer sources, that being said a good friend and source just tip me on Sony’s The Getaway 3 and Eight Days titles for the PS3 now link with Santa Monica Studio.
You will hear what I know host-Goodfellajay.


EA Prepping Mature-Rated Harry Potter Game-

NGP Releasing Worldwide This Summer-

Back to the Future Ep1 Discounted to Free-

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sinncross2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I dunno... I really hope London Studio are still the main team in charge of both: they need something like thsi to remain on their portfoloio though Santa Monica would be a good 2nd choice.

But would be great to see both in development again after they were put on hold.

goodfellajay2787d ago

sorry london is out..but some key ppl still helping from what i understand

NewMonday2786d ago

"EA Prepping Mature-Rated Harry Potter Game"
"The Getaway 3 and Eight Days titles for the PS3 now link with Santa Monica Studio"

A little late for an April Fool joke

Vojkan2786d ago

this better be true. If it turns out that you are lying, you are done.

afterMoth2786d ago

8 Days would be the perfect game for Naughty Dawg to make or at least to use the Uncharted engine and give it to a Santa Monica to make.

mrsGamer2786d ago

just heard the whole podcast.another good one no wonder your #1 goodfellajay.your cute in that pix also.yummy is ok too where was she.not in the show tonight busy?

beavis4play2786d ago

nothing against london studio -but if sony santa monica does pick up "eight days"?......EPIC win for us gamers!!!

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-Mezzo-2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I would love to see both of those games come back to life, I would Pre-Order both of them on Amazon, the moment i can.

goodfellajay2787d ago

yes ima keep u guys much as i can...but when e3 comes we all will know

Oldman1002786d ago

For those who haven't seen it,

5 minutes of 8 days gameplay

Bathyj2786d ago

I'd love to see something on 8 Days. That game looked so promising.

Probably only Uncharted matched it in animation and cover mechanics.

NarooN2786d ago

That 8 Days video was pre-rendered.

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