Yakuza 4 – Cheats, Unlockables and Trophy Guide

RipTen: Yakuza 4 is the quintessential Japanese open-world game. If you are looking for cheats, unlockables and trophies, we’ve got the guide for you!

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goodfellajay2660d ago

idk why..but not into japan games anymore...but good tips here

Ruggadagod2660d ago

you just came here to say that? get out then lol.

-Mezzo-2660d ago

Nope, staying away from this for now, getting this game later next week. Don't want to spoil anything from the Trophy List.

CrzyFooL2660d ago

I will platinum this. Seriously, watch me.

sunnygrg2660d ago

lol you call that a trophy guide. Read the REAL trophy guide here:

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