Black Ops New Map Pack Revealed

New details regarding the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack have been revealed, via GAME Australia’s website. It’s difficult to garner too much info, but the pack in question is called ‘Escalation’ and looks to feature a new Zombies map, in addition to the new multiplayer arenas.

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Dart892808d ago

How many more people are gonna throw they're money at this rip off???

ford10012808d ago

I Have no idea, i guess they will keep making them until people stop buying, but by then COD 8 will be out

Best2808d ago

Can't wait to buy... worth every penny.

guigsy2807d ago

First Strike was an excellent map pack, anyone who downloaded it would agree.

Commander_TK2807d ago

U people complain about the map packs, but at the end of the day u still end up buying them. Hypocrites.

NiKK_4192807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

First strike was a complete letdown, I am very glad I didn't pay for it, so not worth it, the maps just suck, when the maps come up for vote I don't even wanna play the new ones over old ones, hopefully this one is better (I'm still not gonna pay for it though.). On MW2 I at least liked the maps more than the stock maps, I actually like those maps. I didn't like the price, but that's beside the point. I don't really play zombies though, so I only got 3 mp maps out if the pack. I will never pay for cod map packs again, they disappoint and Activision doesn't deserve my money anyway so f em :)

outlawlife2807d ago

I didn't like the first strike maps at all, they were very poorly laid out

I'm going to think long and hard before I consider buying these ones

SasanovaS19872807d ago

and again people bitchin at other people who like COD like thats wrong...even tho i dont play COD, i can see people who like playing and supporting it...why you so mad about that?

ud be mad if i called you out on being a complete nerd for liking crap like dragon age, star wars games, or anything crappy based on that garbage genre, but then youd be so offended and get your e-buddies to gang up on me for dissing your precious game...

its the same thing. if you like it, buy it. everything else is not your problem

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aceitman2807d ago

is that a march 5th release date .

guigsy2807d ago

May 3rd, pretty much everyone apart from the US displays dates as DD/MM/YY.

DtotheRoc2807d ago

how did the person get a disagree about informing the kid how the dates are written in the rest of the world? that's a fact. the only differnt way to do it in the us is in the military: ddmonyear which isn't much different either.

Zydake2807d ago

I'm sorry I'm a fan of gaming like the rest of you, BUT C'MON I just got into the CoD series recently and seeing people talk trash about is garbage I know people are going to say it's a rip-off and bad mouth a series i genera, But If you have nothing good to write, THEN DONT COMMENT AT ALL PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS.
I don't like Gears, MAG, FinalFantasy, or PS move games but you don't see me hunting down articles to right bullshit.

ford10012808d ago

Well i might buy it, it just depends what the maps are

BatClarkeee2807d ago

perry the platypus, love it.

JobForARockStar2807d ago

I'll definitely be picking this up. Just for zombies for me though. I don't know about everyone else but I can honestly say I get my moneys worth on these map packs just with how much time I put in to each new zombie map with my friends. So for me it's well worth the measly 15 bucks for how much fun I end up having.

thrasherv32808d ago

What? Another $15 map pack? I don't believe it...

CaliGamer2808d ago

Pudding is the proof.... or rather the proof is inside the pudding. Either way, very bothersome.

Pixel_Pusher2807d ago

What!? Another $15 map pack... I don't believe it!

Oldman1002808d ago

You're better off wiping your ass with 15 dollars after taking a nasty shit than buying this ripoff. Though I'll admit it seems more interesting than the last map pack.

ultimate-remag2808d ago

go on sheep.. u kno u wanna buy it...

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The story is too old to be commented.