RipTen Review: Yakuza 4 is well-made with lots of Polish

RipTen: Yakuza 4 offers a wandering storyline entrenched knee-deep into the sex, drama and violence of Japan’s underworld.

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CrzyFooL2807d ago

It has lots of Polish people!?

jaredhart2807d ago

Yep, Polocks are like the Mexicans of Japan. lolz!

ReservoirDog3162807d ago

Haha, I've stared at that sentence for about 3 minutes and still have no clue what that could mean. Care to explain?

showtimefolks2807d ago

with good borderline great story with awesome combat

dkgshiz2807d ago

Hmm, the story alone mops the floor with 90% of all games that came out this gen. Why the hell did they give it a 7/10?

P_Bomb2807d ago

Guy was a bit feminist and thought it was oversexualised. Thought western audiences didn't need the hostess bars as he felt they were degrading. Can't believe he docked points for that, lol. They actually exist in Japan. This ain't about the west. Small beans anyways when western games like GTA4 have you paying prostitutes to work you over who you can also kill afterwards to get your money back. Yakuza has no such violence against women in the sex trade, but instead loses points for an optional dating sim/dressup. Whatever. Game doesn't even have nudity but gets docked like it does. Somewhere, Kratos is laughing. In a brothel.

XI_-Minty-_IX2807d ago

I know I'm kinda LTTP here, but I just picked up Yakuza 3 on the cheap and I gotta say, I'm loving the hell out of it. Can't wait to pick up Y4 after reading all of the super positive reactions on the NeoGAF thread.

SilverSlug2807d ago

The story twists where so cliche. I love Yakuza, since the first one and they all have cliche twists. I think the series is better at building characters than having original twists.

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