Socom 4 Explosive Gameplay Montage with Mr. Fantastic glitch

Wonder what explosives are available in SOCOM4? Then take a look at this video.

You don't want to miss the intro and ending on this one

Sorry the Embed video isn't working.

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sp1deynut2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

...gotta love it.

I've seen that in at least 20 different games in the past few years. It must have something to do with lag + collision issues in ragdoll physics or something. Whatever it is, it's funny....yet hell. I remember playing COD4 MP...Domination, in Shipment...when the lag + the constant grenade spamming + successive airstrikes led to one massive physics glitch. There were dead bodies strewn all over the map, stretched between the shipping containers, like was crazy. :D

younglj012783d ago

Lol tha ragdoll animation in Socom 4 is priceless.I once did a fail nade but there was some1 trying to knife from bhind.Lol my nade killed him and he flew over my head and started sliding across tha map...

Great video...

BattleAxe2783d ago

The guy who made the video is a frickin loser.

I_Guts_I2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Cause the guy making the video likes to fuck around on a beta and make a humorous video not afraid to show fails?

He should really cut every single piece of video showing he died and try to make himself look good. That's what non-losers do.

Oh and i noticed you took the time to disagree with everyone's comment and agree on your own because you know you're not a loser.