L.A. Noire Countdown: Investigating The Road To L.A. Noire: Week 3


"L.A. Noire will undoubtedly transform the albeit small detective/crime thriller genre in gaming.

"Team Bondi and Rockstar Games are successfully producing what will become the epitome of our [console] generation’s technology, and will set the precedent for many others to follow.

"While last week’s theme was modern, we’re going back in time again, but at the same time we’re going forward, confusing – yes? So, read on and let’s see what we can uncover together.

"We also have a spoiler-free Achievement/Trophy list and a huge Q&A from Rockstar, so come check it out."

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XboxOZ3602783d ago

This is shaping up brilliantly. Who's looking forward to this?

gaminoz2783d ago

I'm still to make my mind up based on what the game turns out to really be. But it seems interesting for sure.

XboxOZ3602783d ago

Article also includes full list of PS3 Trophies and Xbox Achievements, and huge Q&A from Rockstar Games and twitter fans.

gaminoz2783d ago

I loved Dark City! Neo-noire...that's about right too.

XboxOZ3602783d ago

Charlton Heston's 1950 version was true noire styled movie, you want to check it out. Lots of darkness and lightness throughout the movie that really shows off the noire style well.

BadCircuit2783d ago

It's sure taken a while to get out...

XboxOZ3602782d ago

Actually, nothing outside a proper new IP would do - on average, any new game from conception to release can be between 4-7 yrs, with the average time period being 'approx' 5 yrs from first concept.

It takes a full 6 - 10 months JUST to run up a promo and present it to publishers, and then once a publisher is found, a further several months working on contractual ideas and how the game will progress.

Sub-Zero852782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Pretty much any game Rockstar puts out u cant go wrong with it ..... I preordered L.A. Noire yesterday , lookin forward to it !!

XboxOZ3602782d ago

You're not wrong there mate.

They do try some 'risky' ventures, that's for sure, and this being so steeped in actual crime investigation, and less in being 'just another shooter', and having NO MP aspect,it certainly will be 'testing the waters' as they say with gamers of the last few generations.

The next one off the ranks will be Max Payne, which they grabbed from Remedy Games a few years ago. Some of the screen stills look great, but hopefully, they will not stray too far from the great storyline that IS Max Payne.

We'll have a special article up soon on that title, but also a HUGE media onslaught for L.A. Noire with over 200 images and videos we've nabbed from Rockstar recently.

They do put a great deal indo just about every title they support, yet funnily enough, get a flogging from the media for some odd reason. We've always found them very helpful over the years . . .