IGN: Mega Man 2 isn't the Best Mega Man Game

IGN:" The misguided opinion that Mega Man 2 is better than Mega Man 3 is endemic. Our own readers rank Mega Man 2 higher than Mega Man 3 with their ability to render reader scores on various games here at IGN. Nintendo Power called Mega Man 2 the third best NES game in 2008, and Mega Man 3 the eleventh best.

Somehow, when Nintendo Power did their Top 200 Nintendo Games of all time in issues 196-200, Mega Man 2 was 33rd, the original Mega Man was 61st, and Mega Man 3 wasn't even mentioned. Hell, even the ubiquitous political website the Huffington Post has come down on the side of Mega Man 2, including it in their top NES games list while snubbing Mega Man 3 completely. What gives?"

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Butt0n_m4sher2787d ago

Anyone who thinks Mega Man is better than Mega Man 3 is off their rocker. 3 is on the level with 2, i agree

flyingmunky2787d ago

The first Mega Man game I played was #4 so for me at least I think its the best. However I got to play all of them on the anniversary collection and I must admit I didn't care much for the first two in the series, they were just too featureless (compared to the later ones at least).

Its odd that the author mentioned that 3 was the most difficult of the series. Because #2 is the only one of the original 8 that I was unable to beat, just couldn't kill Willy at the end. Probably some trick I missed there.

SilverSlug2787d ago

I played 3, I owned it. My mum bought it for me when I was a kid. She fell into the Mega Man hype too.

Infernostew2787d ago

something like... 2>3>1>4>6>5

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The story is too old to be commented.