Top 5 Most Wanted Games for the Nintendo 3DS

Hey everybody, I'm Tyuno The Great. Well, the Nintendo 3DS is official out in stores and it's a huge hit seller around the world. Nintendo have promised us that there will be a lot of new games coming out for the 3DS in the near future. I am a HUGE Nintendo fan boy and I can't wait until they released new game for later this year. So today, I gonna list my top 5 most wanted games for the 3DS.

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HardCover2783d ago

Didn't that game already come out? What kind of Pokemon fan are you?

RyuCloudStrife2783d ago

for the 3DS? when did it come out?

Menech2783d ago

Pokemon Black and White are not 3DS games.

Stealth20k2783d ago

The paper mario 3ds is a straight turn based rpg. Weve known that from the first day

........sometimes these article writers are idiots

eferreira2783d ago

I cant believe the psp is outselling or neck n neck with the 3ds in Japan for sales

Menech2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

PSP just had a price drop and has 1000s of titles available.

The 3DS is extremely expensive for a handheld and only 15 titles available.

The Gameboy advanced and the Nintendo DS both outsold the PS3 at launch.

Comparing a system just launched to a an established system with a massive library is simply moronic.

Venox20082783d ago

I want peace walker 3DS, plaase konami! :) and metal gear acid 1&2 collection 3DS :)

kesvalk2783d ago

"I never played a Metal Gear Solid game in my life, but somehow I like the game"

.....what? you never played, but as some ppl said the game is good you will like it too?

dude, i despise ppl like that...

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