The Future Of The JRPG Genre Rests With Platinum Games JRPGs have gone stale in this past generation, at least according to Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare. Certainly, many will agree to this. JRPGs have been recycling the same formulas over and over again and, while I believe BioWare's not doing any better (but that's another story), there has been very little in terms of innovation or ground-breaking advancement for the genre. When was the last time a JRPG really grabbed your interest for a reason that isn't "but it's from my favourite series?" When was the last time a JRPG on a home console did really well, both critically and commercially? It's high time JRPG devs stepped up to the plate and delivered an amazing JRPG experience. But who can do it? Why, I do believe at least one developer has the credentials to do so, no it's not Square Enix, but Platinum Games.

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mephman2788d ago

If Platinum Games really want to show other Japanese developers how it's done, they need to make a solid next-gen JRPG.

Well, after they're finished with Anarchy Reigns, that is. Although they seem to pump out games like there's no tomorrow.

blitz06232788d ago

I still think it comes down to Square. Personally I like Atlus better (where the hell is Persona 5?!) but in terms of popularity people still expect and demand AAA titles from Square.

ShawnCollier2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It would be interesting to see them take on a full-scale next-gen JRPG.

mephman2788d ago

Well, Infinite Space had a ridiculous amount of content and they managed that just fine. Sure, the production wouldn't take as long, but if they can make Bayonetta and Vanquish in the same year, I think they're more than capable.

JDouglasGU2788d ago

platinum certainly seems to think so.

fozzness2788d ago

Do love me some Platinum Games... although, one Dev that I think will always be improving is Atlas.. esp. with the Persona series.. will they catch up to Platinum Games?... probs not. but I definitely am interested to see how both companies go.

Hardedge2788d ago

You have Plat making so many great games on a yearly basis and SE's taking two lifetimes just to put out the next Final Fantasy.

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The story is too old to be commented.