IGN: Get Your Game Out of My Game

IGN: "America's been invaded by North Korea. Mothers are being executed in front of their children, ball parks are used as mass graves for the millions of dead, and neighbors are turning on one another. In a desperate gamble to save California, my small group of rebels are on a journey west to steal some much-needed fuel. But a group of Americans have stopped us. They don't care who wins this war, they just want to set their own laws and would just as soon kill us as a member of the invading army. They've taken one of our own hostage. Things are about to go bad. And they do -- shots are fired, chaos ensues. And I miss it all."

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Focker4202814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I used to be a trophy whore, even on games I didn't like I'd be hunting trophies. Now I don't care anymore. Some of them are fun and worth completing, like objective based ones, but I hate the ones that make you search for random crap. I totally refuse to do that anymore. Its not fun, its just monotonous and boring.

I do like trophies, its neat to look back on all of my accomplishments, but some of them are just mindless tasks that don't actually give you the "thank god I finally beat it" feeling. I think making you run around collecting useless crap is a cop-out for replay value. It prolongs the game but you really aren't accomplishing anything.