80° Shift 2 Unleashed Handling Fix

As with the first Need for Speed: Shift, the game does not ship out of the box with the best handling with the Logitech wheels. If you are in the same position and found the steering on cars very sensitive with a lack of feedback from the wheel and the feel that a lot of the cars are floating, then this fix is for you. I can first hand recommend that this changed the game entirely and has made Need for Speed: Shift 2 a pleasure to play...

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Boody-Bandit2807d ago

This game does not handle good on my wheels. I have made a ton of adjustments and it still does not feel right. The force feedback is all over the place. I hope EA patches ths game fast because I love racing games like no other but I don't tolerate poor design. This shouldve been addressed before it hit retail.