Every Single Exclusive and Multiplat of 2011

Revolt-Tech picture compiles every single exclusive and multiplat game of 2011 sorted by console into a single chart

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Big_L2812d ago

360 exclusives seem to be dwindling, only 2

BakedGoods2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

It'll be a damn good year for the PS3.

Looks like my 360 will be collecting dust once I'm done with Gears 3.

Big_L2812d ago


TBH, I only buy 4-5 games a year anyways. The problem I have with the few 360 games is that I only have 2 to choose from

Should I race or should I shoot? Shoot? Okay, thats the 360 games done for the year

Seferoth752811d ago

lol that is such a fanboy response. Yes only 2 games are releasing on 360 the entire year.....

Why does the 360 threaten you? Seriously did it climb into your window and try to do bad things to you?
The usual human response is to attack what we fear. Are you that unhappy with the PS3 that you feel the need to mindlessly lash out to feel safe? Why? With all those great exclusives coming out you have no need to fear.

Persistantthug2812d ago

Tropico 4....reportedly coming to XBOX 360 like Tropico 3.

Planetside 2....allegedly supposed to go to the PS3

Diablo 3.....Most likely going to consoles...all signs point that way

DOTA 2....I would be quite surprised if it didn't appear on the PS3

Star Wars TOR....I'm very convinced this will be on Consoles, specifically the PS3.

Seferoth752811d ago

Tropico ... Maybe, but it will suck like most games of that type do when moved from PC to console

Planetside 2 ... It already did they called it warhawk.

Diablo 3....LOL yeah right.

DOTA 2...Maybe

SW:TOR...After the way SOE ruined Star Wars Galaxies I seriously doubt that will ever happen unless the game completely bombs like Matrix.

free2game3652811d ago

Planetside 2: from what I read they want to make it bigger than the first, and after The Agency getting canceled and DC Universe bombing, I don't think they'll be doing console focused MMOs

Diablo 3: If SC2 was ported to consoles, I might say it was possible, but nope, don't see it happening
DOTA 2: really? how would that even work

Star Wars TOR: It's a big MMO focused on the PC, it's just not going to happen

Persistantthug2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Did Sony say so? I haven't heard any of that. The last time I did hear of anything, was that Demand was so high that they sold out and hadn't made enough copies to meet the demand. Did you not hear that, free2game365?

Also, Maybe you hadn't heard, but FREE REALMS just released for the PS3, free download, free per month, just like the PC, and cross platform.

Sony indicated a couple years ago, that they want all of their upcoming (and some past) MMO's releasing on the PS3. Everquest 3 was also hinted at.

And to your question of how would DOTA 2 play on consoles? I'm guessing the same way Torchlight, Deathspank, Sacred, and any other iso. top down GAUNTLET. *shrug*

pr0digyZA2811d ago

You can't say what is likely coming to consoles from PC list, you are just jumping the gun. Are you telling me they must stick diablo 3 etc... in to the multiplatform section because you have a feeling.

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Perjoss2812d ago

list is not entirely correct, there are quite a few 2011 exclusives on XBLA.

DigitalRaptor2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

This is just pathetic.

Some 360 fanboy has removed some of the PS3 exclusives, added some Kinect/Move games ignoring the fact that Resistance 3, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and LBP2 can be played with Move.

I can't believe how desperate this situation is making the 360 fanboys.

distorted_reality2812d ago

Should really include more indie titles in that list. Either way, makes me happy to be able to play games on all platforms. The second half of the year is going to be seriously damaging to my wallet.

fucadastates2812d ago

wow alot of ps3 games are missing. like ar tonelico qoga - awsome rpg if you ask me. did not se white knight chronicles ether..

eggbert2812d ago

The actual list has been floating around for a while, but for some reason they halved the PS3 games in this list. Then again, the list floating around 4Chan and whatnot is including Japanese RPG's that are getting western releases (like Ni no Kuni).

telekineticmantis2812d ago

Ni no kuni, the only problem is that there's no english dub(Ithink), Just english subtitles.

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